My favorite place with the beautiful view of the Forbidden City

In Beijing, I often visited a park behind the famous Forbidden City to get this beautiful view of the whole palace. Once I had conducted trainings in Beijing. The participants and I found a good solution to their problems during the training and were very happy and relieved. After that, I took a little trip … Read more


A city with a very good quality of life. Chengdu is in western China, it is a beautiful city with a slow pace of life. I have been there many times on business and I like this city very much. Sometimes I went on weekend excursions with my training participants or enjoyed a cup of … Read more

Geisha in Kyoto

The girl I met a year ago in Kyoto was only 16 years old. She seems very fine and friendly. We had dinner in a noble Japanese restaurant, and the geisha show was the highlight of the evening. She danced and played little games with the guests. I was also allowed to play and even … Read more